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Electrical Safety Audit / Electrical Safety Inspection

Ensuring workplace safety encompasses a variety of critical assessments, among which the implementation of an electrical safety audit or inspection is paramount. An electrical safety audit is a detailed examination conducted by qualified professionals to evaluate a facility's electrical systems, practices, and compliance with current electrical safety standards. This audit is essential for identifying potential electrical hazards, assessing the effectiveness of current electrical safety measures, and providing recommendations for improvement.

What Is Included in an Electrical Safety Audit?

An electrical safety audit thoroughly assesses all aspects of a facility's electrical safety, including:

  • Electrical Systems and Equipment: Review of the installation, condition, and maintenance records of all electrical equipment and systems.

  • Wiring and Protection Devices: Inspection of wiring systems, circuit breakers, fuses, and protective devices for adequacy and compliance with safety standards.

  • Grounding Systems: Examination of grounding practices to ensure that they meet required safety protocols.

  • Electrical Panels: Assessment of electrical panels for proper labelling, accessibility, and safety compliance.

  • Emergency Lighting and Power Backup: Evaluation of emergency lighting systems and power backup arrangements for effectiveness during power outages.

  • Electrical Safety Practices: Review of the operational procedures and safety practices related to electrical work, including lockout/tagout procedures.

  • Training and Awareness: Verification that staff have received proper training on electrical safety and are aware of how to handle electrical emergencies.

  • Record Keeping: Checking for up-to-date electrical maintenance logs, inspection records, and compliance documentation.

Importance of Electrical Safety Audits

  • Hazard Identification: Identifies potential electrical hazards, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel.

  • Compliance Assurance: Ensures your facility complies with local and international electrical safety regulations, avoiding penalties.

  • System Reliability: Enhances the reliability of electrical systems, reducing downtime and operational losses.

  • Safety Culture Promotion: Demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe work environment and promotes a culture of safety awareness among staff.

  • Expertise in Electrical Safety: CDG is a leader in electrical safety inspections, backed by a team of experienced professionals familiar with the latest in electrical safety standards and practices.

  • ISO 17020 Accreditation: As an ISO 17020 accredited inspection body, CDG guarantees high-quality, impartial, and comprehensive electrical safety audits.

  • Comprehensive Audit Process: Our audits cover all aspects of electrical safety, from system installations to safety practices, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your facility's electrical safety landscape.

Why Choose CDG for Your Electrical Safety Audits?

person holding red and black handle stainless steel fork
person holding red and black handle stainless steel fork

Which Agency Can Conduct an Electrical Safety Audit?

Electrical safety audits require specialized knowledge and expertise and should be conducted by an agency accredited to ISO 17020 by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) accreditation channel. Such accreditation ensures the agency's adherence to global standards for inspection practices, providing reliable and consistent auditing services.

person holding red and black handle stainless steel fork
person holding red and black handle stainless steel fork

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Incorporating an electrical safety audit into your safety management strategy is crucial for safeguarding your facility against electrical hazards. Choose CDG to ensure that your electrical systems and safety practices meet the highest standards of safety and compliance.