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What is BIFMA Level Certification?

BIFMA Level Certification is a prestigious acknowledgment of furniture sustainability within the industry. Based on the BIFMA e3 standard, this certification sets benchmarks for environmental responsibility, health and safety, and social compliance. It encompasses various types of tests and assessments to ensure that furniture products meet stringent sustainability criteria.

There are three distinct levels of BIFMA Level Certification, each representing a different degree of sustainability achievement:

BIFMA Level 1 (Silver Certificate):

This entry-level certification requires organizations to achieve between 32 to 48 total points, with a minimum of 5 points allocated to product-related criteria.

BIFMA Level 2 (Gold Certificate):

A higher level of certification, Level 2 demands organizations to accumulate between 49 to 68 total points, including a minimum of 16 points dedicated to product-related criteria.

BIFMA Level 3 (Platinum Certificate):

The highest level of certification, Level 3, mandates organizations to score between 69 to 111 total points, with at least 26 points attributed to product-related criteria.

Levels of BIFMA Level Certification:

How Level is Decided:

The determination of a BIFMA Level Certification is based on the total points achieved by an organization, with specific thresholds for product-related points as follows:

  • BIFMA Level 1 (Silver): 32 to 48 total points, with at least 5 product-related points.

  • BIFMA Level 2 (Gold): 49 to 68 total points, with at least 16 product-related points.

  • BIFMA Level 3 (Platinum): 69 to 111 total points, with at least 26 product-related points.

Who can issue a BIFMA Level certificate?

A BIFMA Level certificate can only be issued by BIFMA-approved certification bodies. Currently, there are only 8 certification bodies worldwide that are approved by BIFMA for issuing BIFMA Level certificates. To verify the list of all approved certification bodies, you can visit the following link: BIFMA Level Certification Bodies.

"Please note: You can find a list of all BIFMA Level Certified companies in the BIFMA Level Registry."

BIFMA Level Certification Process:

The BIFMA Level Certification process involves rigorous assessment and verification of sustainability performance across various criteria, including material sourcing, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and social responsibility. Companies seeking certification must undergo thorough evaluation by BIFMA-approved certification bodies to ensure compliance with established standards.

BIFMA Level Registry:

Once certified, companies are listed in the BIFMA Level Registry, providing visibility and recognition for their sustainability achievements. The registry serves as a valuable resource for consumers, architects, designers, and specifiers seeking environmentally responsible furniture solutions.

Why Choose CDG for BIFMA Level Certification?

CDG is your trusted partner for BIFMA Level Certification:

  • BIFMA Approved Certifier: We're approved by BIFMA to issue Level Certificates, ensuring credibility and compliance. Our approval can be verified on BIFMA's website, confirming our authority.

  • ISO 17025 Testing Lab: Our ISO 17025 accreditation guarantees accurate testing for reliable results.

  • ISO 17020 Inspection Body: As an ISO 17020 accredited inspection body, we ensure thorough inspections.

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