S Mark Compliance

S Mark Certification scheme is a third party certification scheme in electronic sector. The S stands for safety. The S Mark simplifies the sourcing of safe electrical and electronic products for both companies and consumers, no matter in which EU country they are buying. This ensures that the product meets specific IEC standards applicable on it and that they comply with applicable European safety requirements. The S Mark is a customer- and consumer-friendly mark which can be used in all EU countries.

For S Mak the products are tested for the following risks

  • Fire
  • Electric shock
  • Mechanical injuries
  • Radiation injuries & burns
  • Certain types of environmental damage

In: Intended or expected time of use, Intended or expected manner of use, Expected fault conditions and Expected, reasonable misuse

Difference between the S Mark and CE marking:

CE marking is a legal requirement within the EU while S Mark is a voluntory certification. By CE marking the products the manufacturer certifies that the product fulfils the applicable European product safety requirements while S Mark more consumer oriented standard. S Mark includes the Requirements of CE mark along with consumer safety.

CDG Inspection Limited provides S Mark compliance certification services. CDG provides S Mark compliance audit / certification and S Mark testing services.