Pre Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection, also called PSI, is an important and reliable quality control method for checking goods' quality while clients buy from the suppliers.

After ordering a number of articles, the buyer lets a third party control the ordered goods before they are dispatched to him. Normally an independent inspection company is assigned with the task of the PSI, as it is in the interest of the buyer that somebody not connected with the deal in any way verifies the amount and quality. This way the buyer makes sure, he gets the goods he paid for.

CDG Inspection carries out verification of quality, quantity, price (including currency exchange rate and financial terms) and customs classification for the destination country and then issues a Certificate with these details. Also, our scope of work includes Packing & Marking and Supervision of Loading for commodities and materials like Metals, Scraps of Metals, Papers, Textile, Garment, Plastics, Sugar, Food Grains, Cashew, Coal, Ores, Minerals, Petroleum Products, Timber and many other items.