Food Inspections

We provide inspection of systems, processes, and products to relevant international standards by a highly skilled and practical team of global auditors. From the farm to the fork, the entire food industry has evolved into a diverse network of multiple channels. More often we find the core operational structure, as well as various business processes involved in food production and distribution, fail to communicate and align with one another.

Some key inspection services offered are:

  • Sanitation and cleanliness of premises and processing equipment
  • Preparation areas and production lines, including the sanitation conditions and handling procedures
  • Food handlers' hygiene
  • Agricultural Cargo Inspection
  • We provide testing, auditing, inspection, training and customised services under one roof which is convenient, time saving and cost effective.
  • Dedicated customer service and technical teams to address queries and specific requirements of customers.
  • Highly qualified and experienced food experts spread throughout India.
  • Our global reputation and local services benefit you.