Fire Safety Audit/ Inspection

Number of fire incidences is threating the world & there is an increased number of loss of lives reported every year due to fire accidents. Fire safety inspection companies are an important part of our society, yet their services are often overlooked.

Since 2007, CDG has served as a trusted partner to clients around the globe, providing innovative fire safety solutions, keeping facilities fire safe & compliant with international fire safety norms.

CDG Inspection Limited, is a world leading expert organization for fire protection inspection. Our specialised and unbiased inspection services ensure that fire protection systems operate effectively, and will continue to play their part in detecting, controlling and extinguishing fires.

CDG’s services cover the full range of :

• Fire detection and suppression systems
• Passive fire protection systems
• Fire safety engineering

We are a member of different fire safety associations of world & our fire safety inspection checklist is based on different fire safety standards like : NFPA, IFSS, ANSI, NEBOSH etc.

You may have never used your fire protection system but you want it to be ready at a moment’s notice. That is why it’s very important to inspect your equipment on regular intervals. CDG offers inspection services for both existing premises and live construction sites.

Why Fire Safety Inspection is Important ?

• Fire inspections help identify any potential fire hazard.
• It helps you in identifying repair or replacement needs of fire equipment.
• You become able to comply with national & international fire safety norms.
• Fire inspection saves lives & also helps in establishing noble public relations

CDG’s fire safety inspectors have long industry experience & a sound technical background. We are also providing fire safety training to different type of industries worldwide.

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